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Gorgoroth gets a lot of press being that a couple of the members get
into trouble with the law often. What we don't hear a lot about is
who is holding down the fort while all of the court dates and prison
sentences eat up the calendar. The guy keeping his head down and
Gorgoroth moving forward is bassist King ov Hell. He not only does
that, he's in at least four other bands including Abbath's (Immortal)
I , his doom/stoner project Sahg, his Norse Black Metal band
Jotunspor and Norwegian Grammy nominees Audrey Horne.

Somehow he found time in his busy schedule to chat with me about
what's ahead for Gorgoroth and his other projects.

What is the status of Gorgoroth's next album "Ad Majorem Satanhas
Gloriam"? I read that you and Infernus did some of the recording
already but now things are delayed having recently completed a Fall
tour with 1349.

Infernus and I did some of the recording earlier this summer in Oslo.
Frost had already done the drums here in Bergen. We have now brought
the tapes back to Bergen to finish it in a third studio we use on
this album. Gaahl will do the vocals this month. We will release the
album in the end of April through Regain Records.

You wrote the majority of "Twilight of the Idols", are you as
involved in the songwriting process on "Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam"?

Yes. I've written all of the music for "Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam".
I`ve worked on this album for almost two years and it`s not been an
ideal situation creating this album. There have been riots concerning
the band almost constantly since I started the process creating the
album. Nevertheless I think it has turned out for the best so far.
This album contains the music which I've created that I'm most
satisfied with myself to date.

Gaahl writes the lyrics?

Gaahl writes the majority of the lyrics at the moment. Infernus wrote
lyrics to one track on Twilight of the Idols; "Forces of Satan
Storms". I don't know if he'll write something for this album.

In another interview you mentioned that the title track
from "Twilight of the Idols" "is seven minutes long and in my opinion
a classic" but due to scheduling issues it didn't actually make it on
to that release. Will that still make it on to AMSG?

Yes, but I have rearranged it. I simply got tired of it. So now it's
been rerecorded with some new riffs and it's way shorter. The
atmosphere of the song is also quite different because we changed the
drummer playing on it. Kvitrafn played on the original version and
now Frost plays on it. I guess I`m more satisfied with how it sounds
this time. So I guess it`s even more classic this time around even if
no one has listened to it yet.

On your site news there is also mention of a new live album or at
least some live tracks having been recorded on your recent tour with
1349. What are some of the songs you are doing on the live record?
Are you already doing some of the songs from the forth-coming AMSG?
When can fans look forward to that release?

We did not play any songs from our upcoming album on this tour or on
the recordings for the live album. The reason for this is that no
tracks have vocals on them yet. It will contain songs from our 6
previous albums though.

And that's still a year and a studio release away?

Maybe. It will be released when we find it suitable. I don't know
when that will be.

Gorgoroth goes through a lot of drummers. You recently had Dirge Rep
joining you for live dates and now you have Frost on the forth-coming
studio album?

Yes, Frost of Satyricon. I'm very satisfied with the way he played
drums on this album. I believe he captured the essence of what I had
in mind writing the music. I did a pre-recording at home by myself
with programmed drums first before I showed him the music for the
album. This saved us a lot of time in the rehearsal room. Well…you`ll
soon hear the outcome of the recordings anyway.

Now that the Polish courts have excused Gorgoroth for involvement in
the scandal there involving a live show video in 2003 thought to be
in violation of Polish law, will you guys get that back and possibly
release that as a DVD?

I`m not sure what's gonna happen with the recordings of the show in
Krakow. The producer of the show is now held responsible for the
blasphemy the Polish police say is illegal in Poland. He is at risk
of 2 years in prison. We might get the tapes back or we won't. I have
no clue.

Your band mates in Gorgoroth tend to get in situations with the law
rather often yet you seem to avoid that… or you are just good at not
getting caught, or rather, accused?

I've never been accused of anything so far.

You seem to be the driving force behind Gorgoroth these days. Can
working around all of the legal issues and scheduling become a burden
for you?

It's of course not the best situation for the band having members in
conflict with the law all the time. We'll see what the future brings.
Hopefully we'll be able to play live again in 2007.

Is that part of the reason you are involved in so many other bands?

I guess I wouldn't be involved in so many bands if Gorgoroth had a
more active future in 2006 and 2007. It's important to me to be
rehearsing and playing live with bands. Besides, I've already written
lots of music for the untitled [Gorgoroth] album which will be
released after "Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam". Gorgoroth will get back
harder than ever when we`ve sorted out our legal problems.

You are also now involved in a new band with Immortal's Abbath
called "I". What is the status of that project? Are you involved in
the songwriting there too? Will I tour or just record?

Abbath is the one making music for I. He had already written the
whole album when I joined. Arve (Enslaved), the other guitar player
in I, has been a part of I since the beginning and has worked with
Abbath making these songs. We will enter the studio within two months
and hope to release something within 6 months. We will play concerts
with I and some shows are already confirmed.

You also play in Sahg and the Norwegian Grammy nominated Audrey
Horne. The styles of both of these bands are quite a departure from
Black Metal. I notice a clear separation for Audrey Horne as you
don't use your bm moniker or appearance. What is your involvement in
these bands?

I make some of the music in both bands and play bass. Neither of
these bands meanings have anything to do with my views on life. It's
not about Satanism. It's just about the music for me and to socialize
with friends. The people involved in these bands have been friends of
mine for years. They are not into Satanism so it would be unnatural
making bm music with them. I get to express my views and [the way I
want] black metal music to sound like through Gorgoroth anyway. Sahg
will release our debut album on Regain Records in March. We have made
a video I'm very satisfied with to the track "Godless Faith". This is
stoner/doom rock of high quality. I guess people into Pentagram or
Black Sabbath will get something out of this release. I will also
release an album with Kvitrafn (ex-Gorgoroth). We call this project
Jotunspor and it contains Norse noise Black Metal. The album will be
out in February in the states released by Candlelight Records.

Well of course everything doesn't have to be about Satanism or Black
Metal. There is something to be said for friends and fun. I think
most people would expect you to have other interests besides bm and
Satanism. I didn't mean to sound accusing with that question.

Well, Black Metal and Gorgoroth have to be Satanic. It's our main
goal to spread the word of Satan. The other bands I play in are not,
so I'm in there for improving my skills as a musician and making
music I like. And yes, I have other interests in life. I enjoy
playing backgammon as well.

What is an average day like for you? Being an American, I have this
wild imagination of what it's like being a True Norwegian Black Metal
icon day to day.

I guess I do what most people and most people don't do in my everyday

Ok, thanks a lot for your time. I'm quite impressed with the volume
of stuff you do.

I'm a busy bee at the moment.


Many thanks go out to King for his time and interest in this
interview. I will say it was quite enjoyable chatting with him and
the more layers I feel I have peeled away, the more I think are yet
to peel. Best wishes to Gorgoroth, King and all of his projects.

Deicide have declared the release date for their upcoming album on
Earache records. The album, titled "The Stench of Redemption", is
tentatively set for release on the date that coincides with the mark
of the beast. 6.6.06.

The album is currently in the preliminary stages as the band are
gearing up to enter the studios with Jim Morris of Morris Sound. The
band have demoed 10 songs which Glen Benton is locked away preparing
his signature twisted lyrics to coincide with the brutally heavy
tracks. This album marks the bands first recorded album with an all-
new line-up who has been igniting audiences so far. The two-guitar
attack of Deicide now comprises of Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse fame
and Ralph Santolla of Iced Earth and Death fame. The band are very
excited to release this album, as Glen Benton has reported that this
is one of the best death metal albums in years.
Initially, Benton reported that the album had Earache head Digby
Pearson banging his head and jumping up and down like a young

The band are currently preparing for a South American stint that will
send the band through 6 countries at a light-speed rate. Deicide is
excited to reach their South American fans that have always gone
crazy for the bands performances in the past. Speaking of that South
American tour, some slight adjustments to the tour dates have been
made which can be seen on the
Earache tour dates page. Following the release of "The Stench of
Redemption" a full European tour is planned

Check out the band's all new Myspace site for tracks off their
upcoming album.
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